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Bored with your current workout routine?

This isn’t your ordinary cardio kickboxing class.

In your basic gyms, the classes offered are only once or twice a day, and maybe twice a week, it is never changing, stale, and that gets boring. Did you know being bored is the #1 reason most people quit their workout routines?

Here at EMA Fitness Division, you will never do the same workout twice in a week. Every day is something fun and new, so you will never be bored. We will not only do bag work with your punches and kicks, you also get the cardio, plyometric, and resistance training necessary to help you become the new you.

New to cardio kickboxing? No problem!

Here at EMA Fitness Division we work with all skill levels, ages (14 and up), and body types. We give you a one-on-one tutorial before your 1st class starts, your very own boxing gloves to keep, and check in with you the entire hour you’re here. This is a fun, high energy, high-intensity, and high calorie burning kickboxing class. You will leave feeling glad you came.

At EMA Fitness Division the amazing kickboxing instructors will encourage you to be your best, challenge you to push yourself, and continuously motivate and empower you to become a better you. Other kickboxing members will make you feel welcome and help you hold yourself accountable. The only competition you will have here is with yourself, there is no judging in class, it’s about YOUR best. Your goal is to get a little better every time you come to class, and the reason? Simple. At EMA Fitness Division you’re not a number.
In here, you’re family.

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