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Will there be other beginners in my 1st kickboxing class?

Absolutely. There is a wide range of fitness levels in every class! You will never feel alone or singled out.


How many calories will I burn?

The cardio kickboxing routines crafted by the instructors are designed to target all areas of the body every class. You can burn anywhere from 400-1100 calories, but the average is 600 calories burned in an hour. That’s a lot!


What if I am out of shape?

No problem! The condition training at EMA Fitness Division is appropriate for all fitness levels.  Before you start your first kickboxing class your instructor will ask you about any injuries or limitations you currently have. There will be modifications you can embrace until you are ready.


Will I need my own gloves?

Nope. When you purchase your first class, you receive a free pair of gloves to keep!


What does a class entail?

Every day is different. Each class will last about an hour and during that period you may do some cardio, plyometrics, and resistance training. Every class there is Bag work. The bag work will consist of kickboxing combinations that are easy to follow.


What if I am not aggressive?

You don’t need to be aggressive to enjoy this type of workout. It is an efficient cardio workout whether you punch the bag with all your might, or with a gentler touch. After a couple of kickboxing classes, you might be surprised at both the physical and mental enjoyment you get out of kicking and punching.


How many days a week to I need to train?

We offer classes 4 days a week. The more you commit to yourself, the greater the results. We recommend at least 3 days a week to see the best results.


When will I see these results?

You will begin to feel better instantly. In a few days you will find you have more energy. However specific results depend on you, the more you are able to commit, the quicker you will see the results!



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